Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pay to Play in Philadelphia hits tech work too

While Richmond Computer is in the tech business, every now and then we do projects such as network wiring installation which isn't terribly complicated.

However in the city of Philadelphia, to do so, one must be a union member and pay exorbitant fees to the Licensing and Inspections department to run low voltage wiring. On top of that, a city inspector has to sign off on drawings, then inspect the work when complete. This only adds to the cost of doing business in the city, and no one but the unions and city wins. Not a problem in the suburbs.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

VoIP Coming To Air Traffic Control

As reported in Aviation week, the FAA is considering moving telecommunication systems for Air Traffic Control to VOIP.

While some posters in the article feel this would introduce safety and security concerns, we know VOIP to be a sound technology for the future of telecommunications. Good VOIP systems, such as those offered by our subsidiary, PennTelco, offer backup and redundancies including the ability to redirect calls to alternate numbers in the event that the system goes down.

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