Friday, September 6, 2013

Electronic communications rejected by court due to lack of authentication

This may seem like a no-brainer, but authentication of electronic evidence is crucial when presented as evidence.

In 2011, a Maryland appellate court overturned a decision involving a murder trial because the prosecution failed to present any authentication that a message from a MySpace account actually came from the account they claimed it did (see: Antoine Levar GRIFFIN v. STATE of Maryland No. 74, Sept. Term, 2010). (Read more about the Griffin case)

Proper handling, analysis and authentication of electronic evidence is crucial in any form of litigation, otherwise the evidence will be tossed as hearsay.

Our SMS Witness service, which covers text messages, instant messages and Facebook data, provides parties with the proper handling, analysis and presentation of this evidence, so that it can be properly entered into evidence in civil or criminal matters.

SMS Witness entails live collection of data, special chain of custody documentation, data analysis and verification, hash code generation (to prove the file is unique), and presentation of text messages, instant messaging or Facebook messaging in a transcript format.

Sample SMS Text message transcripts:

Don't risk your entire case using a free or low dollar third party app to print out your messages. A single text message could swing a decision, even in a minor case, IF you present it properly.

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