Monday, February 16, 2015

LegalTech 2015 - Conferences & trade show on the convergence of law and technology

On February 4, Richmond Computer attended the annual LegalTech conference in New York City. LegalTech is a combination of a trade show and educational conferences geared towards technology professionals and law practitioners. Staff from Richmond Computer attended several conferences that dealt with the issues of security, challenges and opportunities related to offsite data services (i.e. "cloud computing"). The lectures were given by Microsoft employees, with panel discussions headed by experts in the legal field. Following the conferences, Richmond Computer staff attended the trade show portion of LegalTech to discuss existing and emerging technologies in terms of tools and applications used both for e-discovery applications (such as digital forensics) and office based systems (Microsoft Azure, hosted Exchange platforms). A brief video was produced of the highlights of the trip: View more information on LegalTech

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