Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making IT integral with your Business

IT support and technology in small business has traditionally been regarded as "the guy in the back office" that no one sees until something breaks. For small business that outsources IT to firms like us at Richmond Computer, we're never seen nor heard except during deployment projects or emergency repairs.

In today's digital business world, that's all changing the face of technology and those that support it. Since technology is front and center when it comes to operating a business, IT staff are also now on the front lines when it comes to interacting with staff and customers.

Our mantra has always been delivering products and service that enhances a business either through improving productivity or cutting costs, or both. In addition, Richmond Computer has recognized the value to  our customers by not just being the fix-it guys in the back office, but being able to interact with the customers of our clients and integrating technology with customer service and overall value to the customer experience.

Where does your current IT solution stand?

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