Monday, March 25, 2013

More changes to Windows 8 - Windows BLUE

In an effort to push acceptance of an otherwise weakly adopted new product, Microsoft is releasing another patch to Windows 8: a component named "Windows Blue". Allegedly, Blue allows more customization to the start screen (which replaced the desktop/start button environment). Notably, is the ability to split apps on a screen, a popular feature in the business world, especially in multi-screen environments. However, rumors from the beta testing mill claim that Blue eliminates the ability to run the "desktop" on Windows 8 systems.

Microsoft has tried all sorts of gimmicks to get consumers and business users to adopt Windows 8. Tech savvy or not, most can appreciate Microsoft's interest in becoming more like Apple, with tiled screens to resemble iPhones and iPads, yet they've forgotten that most users grew up with the desktop and start button, and stuck it out with Windows all these years because of its (don't laugh) stability.

If you remember this screen, you're old enough to remember Ronald Reagan as president

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