Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"FBI" MoneyPak Drive-by virus still alive and well (Revton Virus)

Since 2011, a "drive-by" virus has been circulating on infected web servers which, when visited by web surfers, installs a software application known as the "Revton Virus" which locks the user's computer and demands payment for copyright infringement with the FBI's logo on the computer screen.

Richmond Computer continues to receive calls for removal of this virus, which takes about 30 minutes. Because of the high number of infections seen, we've been able to flat-rate the removal cost to just $80.00.

While there are many options out there to remove the virus, if you are looking for timely removal with minimal effort, we suggest you call us. Work can be performed at your location or our office at no additional charge for customers within Philadelphia.

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  1. If you received a note from the FBI saying your personal computer has been used-to violate copyright laws and down load porn, you might be a target of the FBI Moneymaker virus.
    This sort of disease is named ransom-ware because your computer is being held for ransom.
    But even if you deliver the $200 as taught, your personal computer will not be unlocked.
    To really get your computer up and running, most likely you will need to take it into a repair center.
    But it is very important to get the newest anti-virus PC software installed.


  2. Malware Removal Software - in the event that you can get in the PC then you can utilize distinctive malware evacuation programming like Malware bytes which Automatically identify and expel the FBI infection.
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