Thursday, May 30, 2013

Microsoft relents on start button in Windows 8

Following months of heavy criticism over the removal of the start button from the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft added this feature back in Windows 8.1, which is not yet available to the public.

The return of the start button demonstrates that Microsoft is sensitive to the heavy criticism from consumers and feedback from those in the technology industry. However, the return of the start button does not equal the return of the "start menu", where one would normally find a list of apps and programs on their system. Early reviews indicate that the modifications in 8.1 do improve accessibility to the system.

The "Metro" syle screen is similar to that of Windows Server 2012. The universal application of the new interfaces do show Microsoft's commitment to breaking out of its "Windows shell", which has defined their products since Windows 95.

If you are in the market for a new computer system we still exercise caution in choosing Windows 8 over Windows 7 for an operating system. While Windows 8 reviews indicate that it is a more stable operating system than Windows 7 (Windows 7 is an extremely stable platform), there is a good period of adjustment in dealing with the new Graphical User Interface (GUI). While Windows 8 is less demanding on hardware than its predecessor, the switch to the new system has been called a "jarring" experience for many.

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